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Mobile BI

Mobile Business Intelligence

Mobile business intelligence (BI) is the capability of an organization to deliver relevant and timely data to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Having the competitive edge in today’s ever fast moving world is critical to success. Mobile BI allows for business professionals with the flexibility and security necessary to access business critical information, wherever and whenever needed to make the best decisions.

Improve customer service
• Enable mobile workers to make the right decision at the right time, saving customers’ time.
• Increase customer productivity by providing access to information wherever and whenever needed.

Increase productivity
• Empower on-the-go employees quicker and deeper insight into their data, through the use of interactive, real-time reporting and visual analytics on the iPhone, Android or Blackberry devices and the iPad.
• Faster decisions by extending critical information out to decision-makers in the field.

Gain a competitive edge
• Drive innovation by staying connected 24/7 with customers, suppliers, partners and employees.
• Better flexibility and increased responsiveness by adapting business needs in real-time.

Mobile BI benefits three main users:

Sales People: Always on the go, traveling individuals who will have access now to real-time sales data, and valuable information to increase and close sales opportunities.

Senior Management: Key executives that are pressed for time will have on the go access to key scorecards and performance indicators.

Field Service Personnel: “In the field” real-time accessibility to current and historical data or projects that will lead to more productivity and efficiency.


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