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    Analytics Manager


    What the Job Involves:

    Analytics Managers are responsible for a team of data analysts. They lead projects on data analysis and reporting, and are expected to use these processes to inform their company’s business strategy. As a result, analytics managers look for trends in data sets and work with their team to strategize how best to meet the long and short term goals of the business. Analytics managers will therefore need excellent interpersonal skills. Similarly, they should be able to problem solve and think critically in a collaborative environment.

    In addition, analytics managers may also be responsible for managing master data sets, including data storage, data mining and data cleansing. This involves maintaining the quality and security of data sets at all times. Further, they also commission or decommission data sets. In the management of data sets, analytics managers should also manage and design the reporting environment, including data sources, data security and metadata.

    Analytics managers must actively combine their analytic and business skills to be successful in this position. For example, they are expected to generate productive reports based on data, and should be able to present their findings in a clear, actionable manner. In addition, they should also be aware of industry trends, and be prepared to make system updates where they are useful. 

    Skills You Need:

    A good analytics manager should have strong analytical, communicative, critical thinking and mathematical skills. They should possess the following skills:

    • Comfortable working with large amounts of data (for example, facts, figures and number crunching)
    • Strong leadership skills and experience
    • Ability to present data or findings in written and verbal reports or presentations
    • Proficiency translating technical or complex ideas into clear, easily-understood information
    • Strong critical thinking skills, and the ability to produce new, productive findings based on data, trends and numbers
    • Good mathematical skills to handle numerical data
    • Strong attention to detail, and the ability to maintain accuracy in data analysis and findings
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