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    Business Intelligence (BI) Manager


    The Business Intelligence (BI) Managers are responsible for a team of developers who use analytics to create viable business solutions.

    What the Job Involves:

    The Business Intelligence Manager leads a team of BI developers with experience in data and business analysis. They oversee the translation of business needs to technical specifications and are responsible for deploying Business Intelligence (BI) solutions– such as reporting tools. They should maintain data analytics platforms, such as MicroStrategy, in addition to creating tools to store data (for example, OLAP cubes). Bi Managers also monitor BI systems for their efficacy, and are responsible for unit testing and troubleshooting where necessary. They therefore need excellent interpersonal skills. Similarly, they should be able to problem solve and think critically in a collaborative environment.They may also create visualizations for projects, and develop or update technical information where necessary. 

    Skills You Need:
    • Experience as a Business Intelligence Manager, or: experience as a Business Intelligence Developer, or Data Scientist, with strong leadership skills and experience
    • Background in data warehouse design (for example, dimensional modeling), and data mining
    • Thorough understanding of database management systems, in addition to online analytical process (OLAP) and ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) Framework
    • Familiarity with BI technology (for example, Microsoft Power BI and Oracle BI)
    • Knowledge of SQL queries and SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)
    • A willingness to take initiative and show innovation
    • Strong analytical skills, including the ability to problem-solve efficiently
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