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    Digital Strategist


    Digital strategists occupy a cross-functional role. That is, they are responsible for working with multiple teams and departments in a company to identify and meet various goals and needs within the company.

    What the Job Involves:

    Digital strategists are responsible for identifying areas of improvement throughout the company, and subsequently implementing a strategy to address these areas. As a result, these strategists should be familiar with the necessary web technologies to meet business goals.

    Digital strategists should have a proficient understanding of their company’s target demographic (for instance, knowledge of all digital touchpoints that consumers interact with regularly). Similarly, digital strategists should be aware of how often consumers use the Internet, and on which devices. In addition, digital strategists are expected to convert this knowledge into a viable strategy for their business.

    Digital strategists should have a good understanding of social media and digital content strategy. For example, they are responsible for planning and creating strategic advertisements for use across the company’s digital platforms. With their understanding of user habits and behaviors, they are able to generate content and execute campaigns that reflect the company’s story, in addition to appealing to current and potential consumers.

    Skills You Need:
    • Extensive knowledge of digital and other content delivery platforms
    • Strong creative skills, and the ability to combine their creativity with their critical thinking skills to create an informed digital strategy
    • Excellent communicative skills (written and verbal)
    • Thorough understanding of user habits and how consumers interact with all digital touchpoints of a company
    • Ability to track and forecast trends in user habits (for example, Internet habits)
    • Willingness to work collaboratively on marketing campaigns
    • Familiar with interactive media
    • Excellent time management and organizational skills
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