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    Marketing Automation Manager


    The marketing automation manager oversees, plans and executes automated marketing campaigns for an organization.

    What the Job Involves:

    Marketing automation managers are responsible for implementing automated marketing campaigns. As managers, they may be responsible for a team. They can therefore expect to work with others to problem solve and think critically. Depending on company size, they may manage multiple projects at a time. For example, campaigns ranging from e-mail marketing to events co-ordination. As a result, they can expect to use a variety of marketing automation tools to identify new campaigns, or ways to improve existing ones.

    Marketing automation managers need to have a good understanding of consumer behaviors and values, and should subsequently be able to apply this understanding to lead generation. In addition, marketing automation managers should know how their current and potential customers interact with their products or services at any stage of the customer lifecycle. They are expected to create successful campaigns based on their understanding of market data. Furthermore, they should be able to scale their campaign efforts with the growth of the company.

    Skills You Need:
    • Excellent marketing skills (including, for instance, the ability to translate market data into a feasible marketing strategy)
    • Experience with executing whole marketing strategies (including lead generation and customer cross-selling)
    • Good critical thinking and problem solving skills
    • Good project management skills (for example, leadership, goal-setting and budget planning experience)
    • Strong communication skills (verbal and written), and experience creating specialized content for marketing campaigns
    • Experience managing multiple marketing campaigns, and on multiple channels
    • Experience building quantifiable campaigns, in addition to understanding what metrics should be used to measure the success of marketing projects
    • Ability to measure the success of marketing projects based on benchmarking against the history of the company, and also against competitors in the industry (for example, the ability to identify which competitors to benchmark against based on similar company size, funding etc.)
    • Willing to adopt new technologies or systems when necessary, and similarly, a good understanding of how to all relevant systems or tools in tandem
    • Familiarity with HTML and CSS
    • Understanding of email deliverability and CAN-SPAM/ CASL compliance requirements
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