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    Site Reliability Engineer


    The concept of site reliability engineering is considered to be pioneered by Google. It uses aspects of software engineering towards operations with the goal of creating software systems that are reliable and scalable. Because site reliability is critical to business operations, site reliability engineers are in high demand.

    What the Job Involves:

    Site reliability engineers are experts in developing and maintaining computer systems. As a result, their responsibilities may involve creating storage systems (for example, Clouds), and developing the network required to use the systems they created.

    The site reliability engineer may write software code for applications and systems, as well as be involved in other aspects of system, applications, or software development, for instance. In addition, they are responsible for implementing work and run tests to ensure that the systems, software, and applications function properly. Furthermore, these engineers may collaborate with other teams or departments. This means they  need excellent interpersonal skills. Similarly, the ability to problem solve and think critically in a collaborative environment is useful.

    Once technological components are implemented, site reliability engineers continue to monitor them to ensure that they perform properly. As a result, site reliability engineers therefore work to prevent problems, and similarly anticipate potential issues, and resolve them before they happen.

    Skills You Need:

    Site Reliability Engineers develop and maintain computer systems. Companies look for site reliability engineers who have strong computer science knowledge and experience.

    • Strong problem solving skills
    • Experience in Site Reliability, in addition to: Linux Systems Administration, DevOps, or Infrastructure Engineering
    • Experience finding and fixing critical issues (for example: customer facing production issues)
    • Understanding of industry standards for building services in IaaS/PaaS/Cloud environments
    • Proficient with modern scripting languages (for example: JavaScript, PHP, Python)
    • Excellent attention to detail
    • Strong communication and teamwork skills
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