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    Usability Analyst


    Usability Analysts are responsible for determining how visitors interact with a company’s website. Therefore, their purpose is to maximize customer satisfaction by ensuring a good user experience on the company website.

    What the Job Involves:

    Usability analysts are responsible for making websites accessible and easy to use for visitors. As a result, they require experience in website design, and a good understanding of how user experiences influence the success of a company. In addition, usability analysts can expect to combine their creative and critical thinking skills in this role, and work collaboratively to build or improve websites. Usability Analysts should therefore have an understanding of market data, including consumer behavior, trends and attitudes. Subsequently, using this information, they recommend and make changes to company websites to increase viewership and customers.

    Skills You Need:
    • Excellent creative skills
    • Good critical thinking skills
    • Experience with graphic design
    • Good analytical skills
    • Knowledge of market research strategies in addition to proficiency in market research tools (for example: Wufoo, Typeform
    • Experience with Google Hangouts useful
    • Knowledge of website usability tools (for example: Verify App, Intuition HQ)
    • Experience with user feedback plug-ins (for example: Usabilla). Similarly, the ability to analyze user feedback
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