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    Visual Designer


    Visual designers play an integral role in the user experience because they are responsible for designing the visual elements on a company’s webpage. They should therefore have a good understanding of both UI and graphic design to build websites.

    What the Job Involves:

    Visual designers are responsible for creating pages that are compatible with desktop and mobile, as well as designing for Internet and intranet sites, games, movies and wearable technology. They should therefore have experience creating cohesive designs across multiple platforms.  

    Visual designers can expect to adhere to guidelines from brands about page layout, including an understanding of how to represent a brand’s message. They are responsible for creating user-centric designs (including interaction models and screen mockups), and any relevant logos, icons and infographics. In addition, they are expected to collaborate with the IT department on projects, and may therefore benefit from basic coding knowledge. Visual designers will therefore need excellent interpersonal skills. Similarly, they will problem solve and think critically in a collaborative environment.

    Visual designers are responsible for creating and organizing production assets, and resizing assets for different devices (for example, mobile, tablet and desktop). This includes sourcing images (for example: stock photos and video footage), and working with a component library. In addition, they may also work on the design aspects of email marketing items, presentation materials and material for interactive events.

    Skills You Need:
    • Excellent grasp on Adobe Creative Suite (for example: InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator)
    • Good understanding of web design issues, including browser usability and cross-platform compatibility
    • E-commerce experience is useful
    • Excellent understanding of typography, layout and design
    • Good problem-solving skills
    • Experience creating transitions and animations
    • Understanding of motion design and dynamic interaction
    • Excellent communication skills (written, visual and verbal) and presentation skills
    • Good time management and organizational skills
    • Excellent interpersonal and intrapersonal skills
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