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    5 Terrific Tips To Help You Land Great Entry Level Javascript Programming Jobs

    You are ready to mark your mark in Java world. You are getting ready to start seriously applying for Javascript programming jobs. And you think it’s all about Javascript programming skills and you have developed an impressive set of those.

    The problem is that you are really only half right. Great code is fine, yet commanding better work and a higher salary will take a bit more, and a new set of skills that you may not be as familiar with as you are with Javascript. The fact is to get the best of the Javascript developer jobs out there depends on ensuring more people know who you are. In other words, you need to market yourself. Here are a few pointers for doing just that:

    Javascript Developer Tip No. 1: Blog

    Set up a blog, and post more than once a month. Do real research and make sure you post articles that are engaging. It won’t really matter what you write about – your programming opinions, experiences, new ideas you have, or new projects you are working on. If you make it good, people will come, and you will be well on the way to establishing yourself as an expert in your field.

    Javascript Developer Tip No. 2: Go Open Source

    This is very common advice that you may have heard before, But it is very good advice. With one small caveat. Make sure the open source code you produce reflects the kind of job you want. If you want to go for those big Javascript developer jobs, create some great Javascript code and make sure that it does something useful.

    Javascript Developer Tip No. 3: Embrace the Shiny AND the Practical

    Young developers and programmers have a tendency to want to work on the shiny stuff. Ruby is often their preferred programming language over Javascript. The problem is, however, it doesn’t pay (on average) as much as Javascript, and the market is smaller, for a brand new developer at least. So while it’s fine to love something that is perhaps newer and more exciting remember that tried and tested – at least in the beginning – may be the best route to actually paying your bills.

    Javascript Developer Tip No. 4: Learn How to Wow the Crowd

    Figure out how to give presentations and learn how to speak in public. Research a topic and make yourself at least an expert, if not the expert. Presentations to the public are generally better if they are in part entertaining. It takes a lot of embarrassing mishaps to develop this skill, but a Javascript programmer who can explain something in plain English to management and give an expert talk on a topic will almost always command a higher salary than one who doesn’t.

    Javascript Developer Tip No. 5: Keep an Open Mind

    Some Javascript programmers start out their careers with a single goal: work for a really big company. And some really big companies do indeed often post Javascript developer jobs that are suitable for those without a ton of experience. But at the same time, there is often a great deal of intense competition for those jobs and the interview and hiring process can also be, to be honest, a rather intense one.

    Therefore keep an open mind. There are some great smaller companies, startups even, that are also looking to fill Javascript developer jobs and are even often looking specifically for newer, idea-filled candidates. And the pay is usually good. Perhaps not as many people will be impressed when you name drop the company you work for, but that really isn’t as important as you might think anyway.

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