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    About us

    Whether you’re looking for new talent or for a career move, we’re here to make your life easier. Our boutique recruitment firm works to pair top talent with clients from a wide range of industries. Our talented Account Managers and Recruiters nurture relationships with you: our clients and candidates, to create long-term and successful matches.

    What We Do

    Elevano is a specialized technology recruitment company. We are focused on particular technology stacks: iOS/Android, Ruby on Rails, Java/Scala, Python, Data, JavaScript, DevOps, and Machine/Deep Learning. This specialization means that when we start working to fill a position, we’ll have a pool of qualified candidates ready. From that pool, we’ll select candidates who have the skills and qualifications our clients are looking for.

    How We Deliver

    Constantly Connected

    You wouldn’t take your Ferrari to a generalist to be repaired, would you? You would want to find someone who specializes in your particular make and model. Think of Elevano as the specialists of tech recruiting. We’re not general recruiters. We focus on finding highly qualified candidates in specific tech stacks. We’re very knowledgable in our specialities, so we know how to separate serious candidates from the rest. That means you get better candidates, faster. 

    Time to Fill

    Most agencies are not willing to share a dirty little industry secret: they really don’t have a candidate sitting in the wings waiting. Or if they do, it’s because they stumbled on someone and they are shopping that person to all their clients. Most agencies take your requests but have little (or zero) quality candidates in the pipeline. So they’re starting from scratch with every role. Elevano focuses on long-term relationships within our tech stacks. This lets us maintain a quality candidate pipeline. When we start work on your role, we’re not starting from scratch. We’re tapping into a pipeline of quality candidates who are eager to hear from us. So you get your ideal candidate in days, not weeks or months.


    Our candidates use automation every day, so why wouldn’t we? Leveraging our tech roots, we use API integrations and workflow automations to reduce manual, unnecessary work. That means our recruiters have more time to spend on value-add activities. These include more careful screening, building deeper candidate relationships, or providing client feedback to help refactor search strategies. In the end, it means we have more time to deliver higher quality candidates.


    We don’t just reach out to our candidates when we have a job for them. A relationship isn’t something you leverage when you need someone (ex. when a recruiter wants to pitch a candidate a job). Elevano strives to go beyond that. We want our candidates to know who we are when we call them – not needing a full introduction! We are consistently staying in touch with our candidate pool. This means we’re always curating a list of qualified candidates who are open to hearing about new opportunities.

    Happy Clients

    The secret is out: Elevano’s clients are happy clients! We work with companies from a range of industries to fill technical roles.

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    Meet our Team

    Our Account Managers and Talent Recruiters are leading the way to successful matches – and it all starts by nurturing relationships with you.

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