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    How to Choose the Best Tech Recruiting Agency for Your Business

    The staffing needs of a tech company – no matter where it is located and the size of the operation – are rather different to those of companies in other niches. Therefore, as many companies discover the hard way, standard recruiting agencies are often of very little help to them. A large recruitment agency that focuses on all industries often lacks recruiters with the specialist knowledge to even fully understand what the perfect tech job candidate really ‘looks’ like.

    At the most basic level, the key to success when working with a recruiting firm is the skill and experience of their internal employees and the quality and suitability of job candidates you receive. This does mean that you should make your choice carefully.

    Niche vs. General

    One of the very first things you need to determine is the level of familiarity that the recruitment agencies you are considering really have with IT. Finding out if the staffing agency is as specialized in IT as they claim or if they actually spread their work across numerous industries will be an important topic to discuss.

    Recruitment agencies that specialize in IT will already have years and years of experience in the industry and can understand your team’s needs with greater depth. They are also far more likely to have existing relationships with plenty of qualified IT candidates. General recruitment agencies have to divide their time between finding IT professionals and nurses, laborers, accountants, admin staff and more and this lack of specialist focus is hardly likely to attract the very best candidates for your tech firm.

    Will This Recruiting Agency Represent Your Brand in the Best Light?

    When talking with representatives from any recruiting agency make careful note of their business image and communication style. If you hire them they will be representing your brand to candidates and serving as an extension of your HR department. Their styles and attitudes need to relate closely to yours in order for the relationship to stand any real chance of working out.

    What is the Recruitment Agency’s Screening Process Really Like?

    It is also important that you find out what a recruiting agency’s screening process is like step-by-step. How do they screen for technical ability, beyond reading a resume? How do they determine that a candidate would be a good fit for your unique company culture? How do they go about checking not only a candidate’s references but their general background as well? You are hiring a recruiting agency to take these burdens off your shoulders, but you need to be confident that they will still be tackling them in a competent, professional (and legal) way.

    Do Your Homework

    Once you have determined that a certain recruitment agency is promising, it’s up to you to do a bit of homework. Ask for references and actually check them. It’s all too easy to make big claims on a website or in an initial meeting but any recruitment firm needs to be able to back up what they claim. Ask them some KPI related questions. What is their submittals per placement ratio? If all they are going to be doing is sending you a slew of candidates in the hope that ‘one sticks’ they are likely not the best tech recruitment agency for the job.

    When hiring a recruiting agency you will be asking them to help you with one of the most crucial aspects of running a successful tech firm; finding the right staff. Therefore it’s more than okay to take your time, shop around and give the matter very careful consideration before making that final choice.

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