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    How You Can Start Building a Better Lead Strategy Today

    Some recruiters take a scan through a person’s LinkedIn profile, see that they’re in a similar role or industry to the one that they’re recruiting for, and count that as ‘research’ before reaching out to them.

    Do you see the problem here?

    Good. So do we! At Elevano, we’ve come to realize that context is everything. That means a quick scan through someone’s LinkedIn profile is simply not enough to show that person that you’ve done your research on them. Neither is sending the same copy + paste messages to anyone working X role in X industry. Because that’s not personalization. As a result, it simply won’t resonate as well it could be.

    So you do you start building a better lead generation strategy?

    Well, with the right mindset, it’s easier thank you might think. Here are five tips you can start using in your strategy today:

    1. Personalized Messages Need More Context

    It’s great that you’re already doing your research on candidates before reaching out to them. But there’s always room for improvement. You’re not going to stand out amongst a sea of dozens of other recruiter emails or InMails if your background research consists of a quick browse through someone’s LinkedIn profile! Think beyond mentioning a piece of someone’s work or education history when you reach out. Tell them exactly why your client’s role is perfect for that person. Tell them exactly how it will improve their career trajectory. Understand who you’re selling to, beyond just seeing their current job title and industry.

    2. Embrace the ‘No’s’

    Most agencies stop investing time and effort in a person after they’ve sent something along the lines of, ‘I’m not looking at the moment.’ But the fact that they responded at all means that you shouldn’t forget that person. They still took the time to engage with you, and engagement is engagement whether it’s a yes or a no. That person might not be looking at the moment, but who’s to say they won’t be looking in a few month’s time? Keep your ‘no’s’ on file, because you never know when they could turn into ‘yes’s’.

    3. Test, Test, and Test Again

    Agency Recruiters struggle when it comes to their digital marketing efforts. Focus on creating a content strategy that works for your business. What are the selling points that make you unique? Plan and test different ways to showcase those selling points on social media. Whether it’s graphics, videos or plain text: test what resonates with your audience. Then test some more! Your content strategy isn’t set in stone. Videos might be working well for you until one day… they don’t generate that all important ‘thumb stop’ from your audience. So be prepared to make changes as you go along.

    4. Do You Want a Job Board to Speak for You?

    Pay-per-click job boards are effective, but they’re not for everyone. At Elevano, we realized that the ad dollars spent on these sites could be put to better use elsewhere (that’s how our digital marketing strategy was born!) If you’re using job boards, decide whether or not you could be doing a better job with the messaging and advertising for your clients.

    5. Copywriting matters. And every platform needs its own, tailored copy.

    Copywriting is an important part of your recruiting strategy. A candidate’s first impression of you might very well be an email or InMail. Make your words count. And remember the platform, too. What works on Twitter isn’t going to read as well in an InMail. We get it: recruiters aren’t writers. It’s not part of the job description! But copywriting is still an important part of your recruitment strategy. Look into copywriting strategies or consider hiring some additional help to give you a boost (and free up some time!)

    There you have it: five ways to boost your lead generation strategy. You can easily start implementing (or thinking about) these tips right now. So, what are you waiting for?!

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