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    Job Descriptions

    We’re recruiting matchmakers, and our specialist team is ready and waiting to pair candidates with the job of their dreams. Here’s a list of popular positions we recruit for, along with information on what the job involves, and the skills you need to succeed in it. 

    Site Reliability Engineer

    The concept of site reliability engineering is considered to be pioneered by Google. It uses aspects of software engineering towards operations with the goal of creating software systems that are reliable and scalable. Because site reliability is critical to business.Learn more about Site Reliability Engineer job description

    Infrastructure Engineer

    Infrastructure Engineers use their expertise in computer science to build, maintain, and coordinate systems and digital networks that support networked communities.What the Job Involves: The responsibilities of infrastructure engineers may vary depending on their specific role in a company, but.Learn more about Infrastructure Engineer job description

    Analytics Manager

    What the Job Involves: Analytics Managers are responsible for a team of data analysts. They lead projects on data analysis and reporting, and are expected to use these processes to inform their company’s business strategy. As a result, analytics managers.Learn more about Analytics Manager job description

    Business Intelligence (BI) Manager

    The Business Intelligence (BI) Managers are responsible for a team of developers who use analytics to create viable business solutions.What the Job Involves:The Business Intelligence Manager leads a team of BI developers with experience in data and business analysis. They.Learn more about Business Intelligence (BI) Manager job description

    Digital Strategist

    Digital strategists occupy a cross-functional role. That is, they are responsible for working with multiple teams and departments in a company to identify and meet various goals and needs within the company. What the Job Involves:Digital strategists are responsible for.Learn more about Digital Strategist job description

    Marketing Automation Manager

    The marketing automation manager oversees, plans and executes automated marketing campaigns for an organization. What the Job Involves:Marketing automation managers are responsible for implementing automated marketing campaigns. As managers, they may be responsible for a team. They can therefore expect.Learn more about Marketing Automation Manager job description

    Visual Designer

    Visual designers play an integral role in the user experience because they are responsible for designing the visual elements on a company’s webpage. They should therefore have a good understanding of both UI and graphic design to build websites. What.Learn more about Visual Designer job description

    Usability Analyst

    Usability Analysts are responsible for determining how visitors interact with a company’s website. Therefore, their purpose is to maximize customer satisfaction by ensuring a good user experience on the company website.What the Job Involves:Usability analysts are responsible for making websites.Learn more about Usability Analyst job description

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