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    Top 5 Applicant Tracking Systems for Startups

    The days of paper job applications are long gone, and in today’s digital world, nobody wants to waste time with the huge pressure of recruiting the right person for a position. Due to the dramatic increase in the use of information technology and continuous recruitment, more and more companies are utilizing Applicant Tracking Systems, automated systems for tracking job applications.

    What is an ATS, or Applicant Tracking System?

    Applicant Tracking Systems are software systems that are used to manage a company’s recruitment process. These systems track, sort, and manage possibly hundreds or even thousands of resumes and job applications. An Applicant Tracking System basically manages the hiring process in an automated way. Along with storing job applicant information and screening resumes, the ATS software can also be used to schedule interviews, check references, and complete paperwork.

    Reasons to Use an ATS

    Most companies use applicant tracking systems to smooth the recruitment process for open positions, primarily to save time and paperwork. There are a number of other reasons, however, to use the ATS:

    1. Ease of Use
    2. Reduced Risk of Lost Resumes
    3. Organization of Applicant Data
    4. Manage the Entire Recruitment Lifecycle
    5. Faster Resume Screening

    Top 5 ATS for Startups

    1. SmartRecruiters

    SmartRecruiters is a web-based applicant tracking system designed with the end user in mind. It’s suitable for businesses with over fifty employees, and since it’s web-based, it’s capable of working well on any platform, including PCs, Macs, Android, and iOS. With its applicant tracking and sourcing applications, the SmartRecruiters platform is good for all hiring needs.

    The ATS features a user-friendly interface, allowing users to navigate to posting a job, applying for a job, reviewing candidates, or removing an applicant from consideration with just a few clicks. The platform also provides recruiters and managers with a mobile hiring app that includes mobile-optimized career pages and job postings.

    SmartRecruiters also consists of social features that allow for collaborative hiring , letting users evaluate and discuss job candidates as a team. There is also a mobile-ready hiring feed providing a look into each stage of the hiring process.

    Pricing for SmartRecruiters depends on your customized bundle and how many employees you have.

    2. CATS

    CATS is a web-based, customizable applicant tracking system and recruiting software designed for internal HR and recruiting agencies. The solution manages the complete hiring process, including job postings, screening candidates, and reporting on hiring campaigns. CATS features hosted, highly customizable career portals and powerful searching capabilities to find the right job candidates.

    CATS also offers comprehensive reports that you can export to Excel, providing visibility of the pipeline, as well as the ability to the ability to automatically push job posting to job boards, such as Glassdoor and Indeed. There are also add-ons for social media, Word, and Outlook, in addition to email templates and custom questionnaires.

    CATS offers two different plans: Pro and Premium. The Pro plan starts at $89/user per month and is designed for startups with small teams.

    3. Greenhouse

    Greenhouse is an applicant tracking system for growing companies to optimize all aspects of hiring and onboarding. Along with all of the standard recruiting software features, the software offers onboarding and CRM products that improve communications on many fronts, while reducing the burdens on the hiring team, as well as features to streamline the transition from candidate to employee.

    Greenhouse allows you to create hiring plans for each position, and then customize them further to better fit each member of your hiring team’s style. You can post job openings on popular job boards, as well as shared social networking platforms, including LinkedIn and Twitter. The calendar feature helps with scheduling interviews and displays available booking slots.

    Pricing is based on the size of your company.

    4. Lever

    Lever is a cloud-based applicant tracking system that provides both ATS and CRM functionality in a single platform to manage the hiring process. The solution offers automated workflows, integrated sourcing tools and interview scheduling.

    There are also employee referral features, such as shareable job links for social media sites, along with a browser extension for Google Chrome that lets employees put a referral in the company pipeline. Various assignable levels of access provide the data people need while keeping applicant data confidential.

    Lever offers custom pricing based on company size.

    5. Zoho Recruit

    Zoho Recruit is a web-based solution for recruiting, designed for small and mid-sized businesses. Its comprehensive applicant tracking system features include automated job board posting, resume storage, resume parsing, interview scheduling, and customized company career pages.

    Zoho Recruit provides a candidate login where candidates can set up their profiles and apply for jobs. The ATS solution also integrates with Google apps, including Google Calendar.

    A free version of Zoho is available with limited features, however, the monthly plans are also rather affordable compared to other applicant tracking systems.

    A system for everyone

    From team size to budget requirements, there’s an Application Tracking System for every business. That means less paperwork for recruiters and HR, and the ability to attract and manage applicants efficiently!

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