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We are a consulting firm founded on the belief of delivering higher quality, better value solutions with client satisfaction in mind. Determination and hard earned experience are what we use as the corner stone of our company. We bring innovation and insight to help our clients transform large volumes of data into meaningful information that lets them act smarter, move quicker, and grow faster. We achieve this by closely collaborating with our clients to help them become effective organizations through the innovative implementation of strategic tools.

At Elevano, we design and deliver enterprise class data warehouse, data management, reporting solutions and collaboration solutions. We use our innovation and insight to help our clients to analyze global markets and sales channels; perform self-service analysis to calculate customer profitability; measure return on advertising spend; manage higher volume, lower value sales with much greater revenue detail; and save money with efficient operational capacity planning.

We pride ourselves in working work with organizations of all types and sizes ranging from a few employees to organizations whose employees would fill Yankees Stadium. Employees at Elevano love what we do and take pride in our work. We look forward to the opportunity to help improve the performance of your organization. We are eager to partner with you.


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About Us

Elevano is a consulting and business solutions provider. We work with our clients to help with consulting, staff augmentation, and direct placements within the information technology field.

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